CS-01A Cross Section Lab

Cross section Analysis has become a fundamental requirement in the Crimping Industry. It is a complete Lab System with the help of which a user can analyse the Crimp and decide upon the right crimp specification that must be kept. The Cross-section analysis Lab CS-01A is manufactured/Assembled 100% in India. With the help of this system user can measure parameters such as Crimp Height, Crimp Width, No of Strand, Burr, Void%, Compression Ratio, Crimp Height/Crimp Width ratio, Support Height, Support Angle, Difference between Crimp Face Ends, Face End Clearance and many more parameters. The integrated sawing-polishing process, along with Etching process, and high precision optics result in high quality images. CS-01A system uses the following as a bundled supply.

Special Cutting and Polishing Machine

Specimen Cutting Arrangement (Jewellers Saw) for ultrafine terminals.

Microscope With Sliding Table.

USB 5.0 Camera with High Resolution.

LED Ring Light Source.

Stainless Steel Specimen Holder

All in One Operating System

Normal and Advanced Software

Calibration Glass Scale

Extra Lenses for Micro and Macro Zooming.

Polishing Papers.

Etching Solution…etc.

Model CS-01A
Specimen Holder Medium and Large
Field Of View 15mm
Specimen Processing Automatic Cutting and Polishing
Camera USB-5.0
Report Normal and Extensive Type
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