Motorized Pull Testers

Pull Testing of Crimps

It is essential to do the pull testing of the crimp to find out the joining strength between the terminal and the wire. The value of the minimum pull strength expected from the crimp is given in the standard UL468 and this has become a universal practice. However various other standards are available and they change regionally. Earlier, the models of pull tester available had a mechanism where the pulling of the wire was manual. In due course of time it was observed that such a pull testing values are not reliable because there may be jerks in the pulling and not uniform. Therefore the practice of Motorized Pull test has been found to be more popular and reliable.

We manufacture four categories of Motorized Pull Tester. The ranges are as follow:

0-50kgs, 0-100kgs, 0-200kgs, 0-500kgs.

Features of the Motorized Pull Tester
The pull testers have a calibrated sensor and the pulling is done by a variable speed motor which gives a pulling speed uniformly.

Secondly there is an option of the speed 50mm/min, 100mm/min, 150mm/min and 200mm/min. In some of the specifications this pulling speed is specified. The breaking load is reflected in the screen and is visible on the screen of the pull tester. We can select this load in pounds, newtons or Kgs. Further the pull results up to 50 No's can be stored in the memory of the system. These can be seen on the display with real time and date.

motorized-pull-testers motorized-pull-testers
Graph for Peak Load Graph for Sample Test


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