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Press Shut Height Repeatability

As mentioned previously about the repeatability of the Press, the position of the lower dead center of the press is important. Any variation in the shut height (the height between the Lower Dead center and the base of the press where the applicator is mounted) will reflect in the crimp. We check this shut height at the prototype stage and intermittently by Press Analyzer.

A typical report of such analysis is given below. It can be observed that the maximum variation of the shut height of the press is 3 microns which indicates the high quality workmanship that has gone into the manufacturing of the Crimping Press. We ensure similar Quality in all our Crimping Press Models.

After considerable usage of the presses, the play between the moving parts increase. This increases the Shut Height variation which results in Crimp Height Variation on Account of the Crimping Press. Also the machines which are not well designed or not manufactured properly may give shut height variation right from the date of purchase.

Ideal Crimp

As a matter of fact all of us want that we should give an ideal crimp to our customers, hence after continuous improvement and installation of Crimp Cross Section Facility we define the Crimping as under.

“Crimping is the process of forging the copper strands of the conductor wire into the wings of a terminal such that each strand is deformed from a round to polygon shape with no voids left in between strands and the compaction is between 15 to 20%”.

The ideal crimp should have the following features:

  • Symmetry
  • Compaction of all Strands (No Voids)
  • Wings touch only the conductor
  • Terminal free of cracks
  • Core wing “locked”
    (No gap at the junction point of wings )
Typical Cross-section Analysis of a Good Crimp



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