Cross-section-Analysis Lab

Cross-section-Analysis Lab As illustrated in figure the Crimp Cross-section Lab consists of crimp cutting arrangement, special crimp holding arrangement, microscope with camera and a computer with screen for the software for analysis.

Some more details are given below.

Crimp Cutting Device
When the crimps are of small size, cutting can be done by hand by a Jeweller's saw. When they are bigger in size, we can cut them by a motorised cutting machine using a circular saw.

Crimp Holding Fixture
The crimp is held in a specially designed fixture which is used for cutting, grinding and positioning it properly under the microscope. Grinding and preparation for projection The computer connected to the microscope is part of the supplies. A special holding fixture is also provided to keep the sample horizontal to the microscope.

Software for Analysis
Special software is provided with the equipment with which one can measure crimp width, crimp height, relief angle and also the crosssection area of copper after crimping. It will calculate the compaction as well. Other than this one can see a number of things like voids, uniformity of the bending of wings, damage by tooling etc. The report is automatically generated. The example of the report is given below.

Technical Documentation - Cut Section Report

    05 - 09 - 2016. 12:17
Crimping Area NA Target Crimp Height 2.45 +/- 0.05
Terminal Part Number LA206ZNTP Actual Crimp Height 2.450
Applicator Number AA-01 Target Crimp Width 3.60 +/- 0.10
Counter reading NA CH / CW Ratio 67.68 %
Operator PRAMOD Wire Gauge FLRYB 3.0 sq mm
Wire Combination SINGLE Area Before Crimping 3.0164
Target Strand Count 41 Area After Crimping 2.154873133
Actual Strand Count 41 Crimp Compression 28.56 %


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