The crimp applicators are the heart of crimping process. The job done by the applicator is to fold and press the conductor wires into the terminal wing. The shape of deformation of the copper is determined by the accuracy and design of the terminal specific parts. Other jobs done by the applicator is to feed the terminal. The feeding arrangement has to be good since the terminal must position itself correctly on the anvil to get a good crimp. All applicators manufactured by us have a micro setting arrangement for achieving the desired crimp height. The Applicator varies in their mechanical designs. The users buy the type based upon their experience and requirement in the field. Some of the common designs manufactured by CCMPL are given below.

CIC Normal Applicators
This is a design adopted by CCMPL for normal applicators. It has a micro setting arrangement by screw. The applicators are available for side feed and end feed type of terminals. The terminal related parts are designed in house on advanced CAD software as per the terminal shape and size. This Applicator is a user friendly, simple in operation and economical.

Pneumatic Applicators
These Applicators are suitable for terminals of higher pitch. In these applicators the feeding arrangement is pneumatic. The specialty of this applicator is that the placement of the terminal onto the anvil is more repeatable/accurate in comparison with Mechanical feeding applicators. However this needs a stabilized pneumatic supply for good performance.

Spiral Setting Applicators
These are advanced applicators where the fine adjustments of Crimp heights are done by precision machined spiral discs. The Spiral Applicators manufactured by us are broadly two types. Applicators used in fully automatic machines normally have two spiral discs and in case of semi-automatic machines has only single disc. These are very stable and compact applicators with good repeatability. These applicators operate on fixed shut height presses.

Large Terminal Applicators
Large terminals are used for battery and sometimes in other applications. We have two pillar types Die designs. For large presses and loose terminal Crimping it is the most suitable applicator. For large terminals which are chain type we have special design in Side feed and End feed type of terminals. Here also we have a provision to provide a spiral setting mechanism.

Validation of Applicators
CCMPL has facilities to produce a Validated Applicator. A validated Applicator Includes a Cross Section Analysis Report which ensures proper symmetry, compaction and repeatability of your Crimps. This Applicator is ready to use at the customer end without must adjustments. We test validated applicators on Calibrated Crimping Machines and ensure a good crimp both from inside and outside.


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