Use of Applicators in the Process of Feeding

Why is that machines are overpowering us in every field.  We notice this near us but have never actually thought about this. This is because we are happy with whatever work they are doing. After all, human kind is being helped and new developments are made with the help of those machines. They are suited for small as well as large scale industries. No matter what the work is to be done, you just need to get the right machines. The biggest advantage of having machines is that efficiency of the unit is increased. More amount of work is done in less time. Just like every other department, this thought holds true for a crimping machine also. A crimping machine uses external force to perform function of creating a crimp. This requires help of different components and each and every one of them have their specific role to play. Applicators are one of those components.

An Applicator is used in the process of pushing conductor wires into the terminal wing. Before this process takes place, it also folds the conductor wire. For a good crimp to be made, the feeding arrangement should be good. It should be carefully looked that the terminal positions itself on the anvil in a proper manner. The height of a crimp is achieved with the help of a micro setting arrangement which is different for different applicators. Some of the different types of applicators that are present in the market are –
1. Normal Applicators – they have micro setting arrangement by screw. Both, side as well as end feed types of terminals are available. It is user friendly and simple in operation.
2. Pneumatic Applicators – they are used for higher pitch terminals and the feeding arrangement is pneumatic.
3. Spiral Setting Applicators – spiral setting applicators are advanced one where adjustment is done with the help of precision machined spiral discs.
4. Large Terminal Applicators – they are mainly used in battery and are most suitable for large presses and loose terminal crimping.
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