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Top Notch Quality Crimping Equipments

We all have the realization of the fact that machines play a big part in the functioning of any unit. In fact, majority of the work is done by them. Now, coming to a crimping machine, there are various different machines to complete the process of creating a crimp. The basic work of a crimping machine is to create a crimp with the help of external force or pressure. All the machine parts should work in tandem with each other to see that this process is not hindered. Different parts of a crimping machine are explained below –

1. Digital Crimping Press a digital crimping press is considered as the most important part in a crimping machine. The strokes provided by a crimping machine determine the credibility of the crimp. There are various tests that a crimping press has to pass while making an ideal crimp. Crimping press has evolved with time. Earlier, a crimping press was controlled mechanically. It had a fly wheel and a clutch where the role of clutch was to transmit energy to the ram. But there were lots of moving parts present which made the machine noisier and more maintenance was required. In the later developments, brake motors were introduced but there were a lot of maintenance issues related to them which is why there was need of better alternative. Finally, electronic braking was done with the help of inverter. This method is more effective and there is no maintenance issue too.

2. Applicators applicators are the heart of a crimping machine. If we look at the work of an applicator, then it is to fold and press the conductor wires into the terminal wing. The work of feeding the terminal is also done by them. The feeding arrangement should be done carefully if we have to achieve an ideal crimp. Applicators vary in their mechanical design. Normal applicators are used for side and end feed type of terminals. It has micro setting arrangement by the screw. If there are terminals of higher pitch, then pneumatic applicators are used. Similarly, there are spiral setting applicators which are advanced type of applicators.

3. Motorized Pull Testers the main job a pull tester is to find the joining strength between the terminal and the wire. This is why pull testing of the crimp is carried out. The pull testers have a calibrated sensor in them and the pulling is done by a variable speed motor which helps in giving pulling speed uniformity. The option of speed is – 50 mm/min, 100 mm/min, 150 mm/min and 200 mm/min.

4. Cross Section Analysis Lab Equipments – there are different equipments present which see that the crimp which is created is ideal. We have crimp cutting device with us to cut the crimp. Crimp holding fixture is present with the help of which functions such as cutting, grinding, positioning etc. are performed. To measure technicalities such as crimp height, crimp width, crimping area, wire combination, area before and after crimping etc. we have software for analysis with us.

Regenato is the first name that comes to the mind when someone speaks of crimping and its related equipments. And, all of this has been possible by innovative design capabilities and incorporating the latest design technology in manufacturing.

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