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Pull Tests with the Help of Motorized Pull Testers

A machine is generally used to perform functions that are not able to perform by human beings or are very time and energy consuming. All the major functions are performed with the help of machines but they are controlled by humans only. This makes all the work easy. No matter how big or small the unit is, machines are always there. Not only time is saved, but they increase the productivity of the unit. All of this is also true if we talk about crimping machine. A crimping machine helps in making a perfect crimp with the help of its sub parts. There are various parts such as applicators, digital crimping press etc. which perform all the major functions. But other parts such as motorized pull testers cannot be ignored. They also perform some very important functions.


Before talking in detail about motorized pull testers, the function of a tester is to be known. It is used in doing the pull testing of the crimp. This process is carried out to find the joining strength between the terminal and the wire. With due time, motorized pull testers have also evolved. Earlier, pull testing was done manually. But this has changed now because jerks were observed which were not uniform. Therefore, motorized pull testers were introduced and the results obtained from them were more reliable.


Destructive pull tests of the crimp connections are done with the help of a motorized pull tester. A display is present which shows the values are noted down. If you want to note down the pull off curve, then it can also be monitored by the computer. With the help of the computer, the tests results are automatically transferred into an excel file. A motorized pull tester is categorized in four different categories – 0-50 kg, 0–100 kg, 0–200 kg, 0–500 kg. There is also an option of speed 50 m/min, 100 mm/min, 150 mm/min, 200 mm/min etc.


Regenato provides efficient motorized pull testers which give accurate readings and have high shell life.

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