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A manufacturing industry can be of any type. They differ according to the output that is processed there. But the similarity in each and every one of them is the use of machines. Machines are used in each and every manufacturing plant. The end result may be a big component or a small component but the work will be done by the machine. More work is done in less time. The same is true in a crimping machine too.

A crimping machine is a type of machine which uses external force and pressure to squeeze the object and change its shape. This is done in order to create a perfect crimp. There are various different components in a crimping machine which help in creating a crimp. Each and every component has a different role and use in the whole process. These components are explained below –

1. Digital Crimping Press – a digital crimping press is one of the most important parts of a crimping machine. It has a lot of bearing on the crimp. There are several factors which are dependent on the digital crimping press such as – press force, cycle time, repeatability, stability of bearing, precision of guides, play between moving parts, shut height, rigidity of frame etc. A digital crimping press is always tested for repeatability and performance by different manufacturers. Crimp height is one of the important factors. A crimping press was mechanically controlled in earlier times but the latest designs use inverter to generate electronic braking.

2. Applicators – they are known as the heart of a crimping press. Their primary job is to fold the conductor wires and then press them into the terminal wing. The feeding of terminal is also done by them. The desired crimp height is achieved with the help of a micro setting arrangement. There are different types of applicators which are manufactured. A normal applicator is available for side and end feed type of terminals. Pneumatic applicators are used for terminals of higher pitch. Then there are spiral setting applicators in which adjustment of crimp height is done by precision machined spiral discs.

3. Motorized Pull Testers – it is important to do the pull testing of the crimp. The joining strength between the terminal and the wire is found out by motorized pull testers. There is a minimum pull strength value which is expected from the crimp and is given in the standard UL468 and it has become standard practice. With time, a motorized pull tester has evolved. Earlier the pull testing was done manually but the results were not reliable and there were jerks in pulling. Now, there is a calibrated sensor and the pulling is done by a variable speed motor which gives pulling speed uniformity.

4. Cross Section Analysis – There is a cross section analysis lab present where technical documentation such as crimping area, applicator number, target and actual strand count, area before and after crimping etc is taken care of. A motorized cutting machine is used to cut off crimps which are bigger in size. The cutting, grinding and positioning of the crimp is done with the help of a crimp holding fixture which is specially designed. This fixture is connected to the device to check all the functioning and note the readings.

Regenato is the leading manufacturer of crimping related equipments in India. We realize that when there is business done on a big scale, time is an important factor therefore we deliver all the products on or before time.

The success of Regenato has to be credited to the highly trained staff members who use innovative designing capability and incorporate the latest technology in manufacturing. You will be making the most reliable crimps by using our products.

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