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Ideal Crimp with the Help of Digital Crimping Press

If you look at any manufacturing unit, you will see that machines are there. Manufacturing unit may be of any type but the common thing in all of them is machines. No matter how big or small the unit is, almost all the work is done with help of machines only. Human beings have been immensely benefitted by this. The same thought is also true for crimping machine. In a crimping machine there are many parts which do the work of creating an ideal crimp. A crimping machine plays an important part in a manufacturing industry. The word crimp in general means to compress and fold it into parts. A crimping machine has various different parts such as applicators, motorized pull testers, wire processing machines etc. One of the most important parts of a digital crimping machine is Crimping press.

A crimping press is arguably the most important component of a crimping machine. Crimping press has also evolved with time. Earlier, a crimping press was controlled mechanically. It consisted of a flywheel and a single rotation clutch. This kind of crimping presses had lot of moving parts which made them noisier and required a lot of maintenance.

In the later models, brake motors were introduced. Starting and stopping of the operation was done with the help of electric brakes. In these models, there were problems with the clutch. It used to stop regularly. In the latest designs, inverters are used for braking purposes. These machines have zero maintenance and are more effective. One extra advantage of these machines is that they have extra optional features. A digital crimping press is classified in various different parts according to their capacities. These capacities are – 2 ton, 4 ton, 6 ton and 8 ton. A good crimping press has different functions and features. Some of the features are –

1. Press Force

2. Cycle Time

3. Repeatability

4. Shut Height

5. Rigidity of the Frame

6. Stability of Bearing

7. Precision of Guides

Regenato has evolved as a leading competent crimping machinery manufacturer and supplier.

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