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If we ask ourselves a question that why there is an increased demand of machines than the answer will be due to the regular demand of the consumer. This demand is one the rise because the machines have the potential to do any given work. The work that is not possible by human beings can easily be finished with their help. They are bulky in nature and require good maintenance. They are time efficient can do work of many human beings at once. This only helps in increasing the productivity of the manufacturing unit. A unit also needs help of the smaller components to make sure everything is going all right. When it comes to a crimping press, there is a cross section analysis lab present with the help of which it is made sure that the crimp that is developed is ideal.


There are various different parts in the cross section lab to measure different things


Crimp Cutting Device – there is a crimp cutting device which deals with cutting of the crimp according to the requirement. The device that is to be used depends on the size of the crimp. If the size of the crimp is small, then we have to use a jeweler‘s saw. If the size of the crimp is bigger, then the cutting is done with the help of motorized cutting machine with the help of a circular saw.


Crimp Holding Fixture – while any function is done in the crimp, we need a fixture which can hold the crimp. The functions of cutting, grinding and positioning it properly under the microscope are done with the help of this fixture. There is also a computer present which is connected to the microscope for preparation of projection.


Software for Analysis – there is software present with the equipment which helps in knowing different technical details such as crimping area, applicator number, wire combination, actual and target strand count, crimp compression, actual and target crimp width etc.


At Regenato, you will get the highest quality of cross section analysis lab which are not only durable but also efficient.

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