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Get All Your Crimping Related Machinery from Regenato

A manufacturing unit is place where all the big functions are made possible. All of them are done with the help of bulky machines having the capacity of performing the desired function efficiently. This is the main reason why machines are used in any unit. If you take the example of any manufacturing industry, then this fact holds true. There are different components which perform any function. It is important for these components to work together if the desired output is needed. A crimping machine also comes under the same category.

Crimping is a process in which two materials are joined together. This is done by deforming the size of one or both the materials which holds them together. The process of crimping is done with the help of an external force or pressure that is applied to change the shape of the objects. There are different parts present in a crimping machine.
1. Digital Crimping Press – there are different parts present in a crimping machine but along with the applicators, digital crimping press is considered as the most important part. Repeatability is a very important feature of a crimping press. A crimping press has modernized over the years. Earlier, the crimping press that was used was controlled mechanically. They had different moving parts such as flywheel and single rotation clutch. This required high maintenance. Also, more noise was made while the operation was taking place. Therefore, new modifications were made. These modifications were done by adding brake motors which used to start and stop the operation. But then again, clutches had their own drawback. The latest designs that are nowadays in function, use inverter as brakes. They are used because they are more effective and have zero maintenance.
2. Applicators – Applicators are used to fold and press the conductor wires into the terminal wing. The feeding of terminal is also a function that is performed by the applicators. Given the critical function performed by the applicators, they are considered as the heart of the crimping machine. There are different types of applicators that are available in the market. They differ in feeding of the terminal. A normal applicator has the micro arrangement by the screw. It is user friendly and simple in operation. A pneumatic applicator is suitable for terminals of higher pitch. A need of stabilized pneumatic supply is required. Then there is spiral setting applicator which is used when adjustment of fine height of crimp is needed to be done with the help of spiral discs. They are stable in nature and are operated on fixed shut height press. In fully automatic machine, there are two spiral discs whereas in semi-automatic machines, there is one spiral disc present.
3. Motorized Pull Testers – a motorized pull tester is used to do the pull testing of the crimp. This is done to find out the joining strength between the terminal and the wire. The process of pulling was earlier done with the help of a wire. This process was manual in nature. But the result obtained was not considered as reliable because there were jerks in pulling and not uniform. This is why motorized pull testers were used. They vary according to different weights – 0–50 kgs, 0–100 kgs, 0–200 kgs, 0–500 kgs. There is a calibrated sensor present too and the pulling is done with the help of a variable speed motor and hence pulling is done uniformly. There is also an option of different speed – 50 mm/min, 100 mm/min, 150 mm/min, 200 mm/min.
4. Cross Section Analysis Lab – a cross section analysis lab consists of different equipments which are important in creation of an ideal crimp. There is a crimp cutting device present which cuts small crimp with the help of a jeweler‘s saw and if the size is big, then cutting is done with the help of a circular saw. To hold the crimp, there is a crimp cutting fixture which performs functions such as cutting, grinding etc. A computer is also attached in which we can see the progress that is being made. To check specifications such as crimp height, crimp width, strand count, target area, area before and after crimping, there is software for analysis. 
Regenato is the biggest name in crimping industry. The products that we manufacture are trusted by our customers. We use the latest technology and innovative designing capability and make sure that we provide exactly what our client need.

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