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Finding the Correct Joining Strength with Motorized Pull Testers

You are surrounded by machines all over. You may not think about it but when given a thought, this is the truth. Be it your house or your work space, there are no places where machines are not there. Even while you are reading this article, you‘re doing it with the help of a screen which is a form of machine. Machines have helped us in making our work simpler and this is the reason why we are able to complete high level work. They have not only led to do work that is not possible to complete with the help of humans but a lot of time is also saved. All in all, it has led to productivity being increased in the workplace. The same is the case for a digital crimping machine. A crimping machine has several different components which are necessary in making a good crimp. Motorized pull testers is one of them.


A Motorized pull tester is used to find out the joining strength between the terminal and the wire. In this process, the wire is pulled up with the help of a hook. The wire should be perpendicular to the crimp and the alignment of hook is also very important. Just like other machines, motorized pull testers have also evolved with time. In earlier times, the pull testers that were available had to do the work of pulling manually. But every time this process was used, it was noticed that jerks were observed in the pulling were not uniform. Then the process evolved and motorized pull testers were used. They became more popular because the results achieved with them were reliable.


The pulling is done by a variable speed motor which gives pulling speed uniformly. Different options of speed include 50 mm/min, 100 mm/min, 150 mm/min and 200mm/min. An ideal crimp that is manufactured should have symmetry and the terminal should be free of cracks. At Regenato, you will get high quality motorized pull testers which will not only be durable but efficient.

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