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Find Out the Accurate Joining Strength with Motorized Pull Testers

The invention of machines was done to make sure that human kind is helped. This help is provided so that our life can become more convenient. Earlier, each and every work was done with the help of humans only. Some of the work was highly time consuming and took several days to complete and that too with the help of more than one person. With the assistance of machines, not only our time is saved but the overall efficiency is also increased. This is true for all the sectors where machines are used and the space where there is use of crimping machine also comes under the above mentioned thoughts. A crimping machine is used to change the shape of an object with the help of an external force.

The process of crimping is possible only with the help of sub components which do the specific work. This work is done for one common goal – to create and ideal crimp. One of the important components in that term is motorized pull tester. A crimping machine is incomplete without a motorized pull tester. The main aim of a motorized pull tester is to do the pull testing of the crimp.

This pull testing is done to find out the joining strength between the terminal and the wire. The minimum pull strength value that is expected from the crimp is given in the standard UL468 and it has become a universal practice. Motorized pull testers have also evolved with due time. The pull testing that was done earlier was manual with the help of wire. But as the time moved on, it was noticed that the results obtained manually were not reliable.

With the help of motorized pull testers, there were no jerks and the results were also not reliable. There are four categories for which motorized pull testers are made. The range of those are – 0 – 50 kgs, 0 – 100 kgs, 0 – 200 kgs, 0 – 500 kgs. There is also a change in the speed motor too. They are – 50 mm/min, 100 mm/min, 150 mm/min and 200 mm/min.

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