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Feeding of Terminals with the Help of Applicators

A crimping machine is a regular in many industries. It may look like a simple machine but it has different components. These components should work together so that the process of crimping is done. If we are to define crimping, then it is the method of reshaping the copper strands of the conductor wire into the wings of a terminal so that the shape of the strand is deformed. Usually, we have round shaped strands and they are deformed to polygon ones. While this procedure takes place, there are no voids left in between and the compaction is between 15-20 percent. Now this process requires all the parts of the crimping machine to work together. There are many parts such as crimping press, motorized pull tester, cross section analysis lab etc. One of the most important of them all is Applicators.


Applicator, along with digital crimping machine is considered as the heart of a crimping machine. But what is the work of an applicator? An applicator is used to fold the conductor wires and then press them into the terminal wing. The feeding of the terminal is also done with the help of applicators. There is micro setting arrangement present so that desired crimp width is obtained. The micro arrangement differs according to the requirement. Some of the different types of applicators are –

1. Normal Applicators – a normal applicator has the micro arrangement by the screw. They are suitable for both side and end feed terminals. It is user friendly, simple in operation and economical.

2. Pneumatic Applicators – if the terminals have higher pitch, then pneumatic applicator are used. The feeding arrangement is pneumatic. When compared with mechanical applicators, they are more accurate.

3. Spiral Setting Applicators – these applicators are advanced from of applicators. The adjustment of crimp height is done with the help of precision machined spiral discs. The main advantage of using this applicator is that they are very stable with good repeatability.


At Regenato, you will get desired type of applicator that will fulfill all your needs. They are simple in use and have long life. 

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