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A crimping machine is used in small scale industries where there is need of workshop equipments. Crimping machine does the work of squeezing the object in smaller size. This is done with the help of external force or pressure. The main objective of the procedure is to create an ideal crimp. But what is an ideal crimp? An ideal crimp is one which has ideal symmetry and its terminal is free of cracks. There should not be any void which means that there should be compaction of strands. To make sure that an ideal crimp is created, cross section analysis is done with the help of instruments in lab. Various things are to be kept in mind. Some of them are –

1. Crimp wings should not touch the base and it will imply correct wire selection.

2. The shape of copper strands should be deformed from round to polygon.

3. The crimp that has been made is void free with the help of proper compression.

4. The CH/CW ratio should good so that there are no cracks in the crimp.

5. Zero flash and burr is there due to good tool design and optimum load.


There are different devices present in the cross section analysis lab with the help of which an ideal crimp is made. The instruments that are commonly found are given below –

1. Crimp Cutting Device – Jeweler‘s saw is used when the size of the crimp is small. If the crimp is bigger in size, then cutting is done with the help of a motorized cutting machine using a circular saw.

2. Crimp Holding Fixture – to hold the crimp, a specific fixture is used where the operation of cutting and grinding is performed. To keep the sample horizontal to the microscope, a special holding fixture is also provided.

3. Software for Analysis – to measure specifications such as crimp width, crimp height, area before and after crimping, actual and target strand count, we use special software that is provided with the instrument. It will also look for things like voids, uniformity and damage by tooling etc.


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