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Crimp it right with Regenato

Any unit is build to do some mechanical work. This work is defined from the beginning and requires the help of a lot of manpower. But any manufacturing unit is incomplete without machines. Human beings are in charge of operating these machines but the real work is done by these machines. The primary use of machines is to complete the given work in a specific time frame with good results. They are big and bulky and have the potential to complete work of numerous human beings combined. That is why machines are there in almost every workspace. Now if we specifically talk about crimping machine, then there are several different parts to do the work. The main aim of a crimping machine is to create an ideal crimp. And for that to happen, all the parts should work together. One of those parts in a crimping machine is an Applicator.

An applicator is considered as the heart and soul of a crimping machine. Along with crimping press, applicators are of vital importance. The role of applicators is to process side and end feed terminals. The folding and pressing of the conductor wires into the terminal wing is also done by applicators. With the help of applicators, a wide range of wire cross sections are covered. There are different types of applicators that are available in the market. Some of them are

1. Normal Applicators – they have micro arrangement setting by the screw. The main advantage of these applicators is that they are friendly, simple in operation and economical.

2. Pneumatic Applicators – if you have higher pitch terminals, then pneumatic applicators are perfectly suited. A stabilized pneumatic supply is important for good performance.

3. Spiral Setting Applicators – they come under complex applicators. Crimp height is adjusted with the help of precision machined spiral discs. They are very stable.

4. Large Terminal Applicators – these types of applicators have major use in battery and related applications. In these applicators, spiral setting is also available.

Regenato is the most preferred Applicators manufacturer and supplier in India.

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