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Creation of Ideal Crimp with the Use of Applicators

When it comes to manufacturing, things become really interesting from a third person‘s view. If you look at the different products that are manufactured in a unit, then there process will be very different from each other. If the output has to be of big size, then it will also require a lot of manpower and time. But even in the case of small output, the process may be big. The appearance or the size should not be the basis of importance of any machine. This thought also holds true for a crimping machine. A crimping machine‘s job is to make an ideal crimp. The size of the crimp may be small but it requires effort of each and every component such as crimping press, motorized pull tester, software for analysis etc. to create a perfect crimp. At Regenato, you will get all these components to perform the function of crimping.

Just like every other part, an applicator is also very necessary. The main role of an applicator is to fold and press the conductor wires into the terminal wing. This is why an applicator is known as the heart of a crimping process. There is other secondary role of an applicator too. The feeding of the terminal is done with the help of an applicator. The feeding arrangement is critical since the terminal must position itself correctly on the anvil to get a good crimp.

An applicator varies in their mechanical design. Some of the designs that are available in the market are – 

1. CIC Normal Applicators – it has micro setting arrangement by the screw and is ideal for normal applicators. They are suitable for side feed and end feed type of terminals.

2. Pneumatic Applicators – these applicators are suitable for higher pitch. The feeding arrangement is pneumatic. The placement of the terminal onto the anvil is more accurate.

3. Spiral Setting Applicators – they are advanced applicators where the fine adjustment of crimp height is done by precision machined spiral discs. They are very stable and compact applicators with good repeatability.

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