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Components of a Crimping Machine : Regenato

If we compare the present time to the earlier decade, we will see that a lot of things have changed. This change is there in every department. Be it automobiles, telephones, television etc. we have changed a lot in every field. This change can be rightly called as development. To keep up with time, all of this is necessary. When we specifically talk about manufacturing industry, then this holds true too. There are machines present in every manufacturing industry. In fact, most of the major work is done with the help of machines. Human effort has decreased a lot as machines assist them in doing every work. All of this is done just to increase efficiency and productivity of the unit and time is also saved on the side. When talking about a crimping machine, then there are several components which are required to see that it is working efficiently. 


A crimping machine is a device which is used to exert external force and pressure to change the shape of an object. This is done by clamping or squeezing the object. It can be used to join rubber, steel etc. This process is completed with the help of various parts which work together in making an ideal crimp. These products are mentioned below –

1. Digital Crimping Press – if you are to compare every part of a crimping machine and see which one of them holds the most importance, then the answer will be crimping press. The outcome of a crimp depends on the working of a crimping press. Crimping press has also been modified with time. In the earlier models, these crimping presses were controlled mechanically with components like fly wheel and single rotation clutch. But these were discarded as there were moving parts which made the whole machine noisier with lots of maintenance. In the modern machines, inverter is used to generate electronic braking. A good crimping machine should have precision of guides, repeatability and stability of bearing.


2. Applicators – along with a digital crimping press, applicators are considered as the heart of a crimping press. The primary role of an applicator is to push conductor wires into the terminal wing. Before this process, these wires are folded so that they can perform the desired function. The secondary role of an applicator is to feed the terminal. There are different applicators differentiated according to their feed and arrangement.

a. Normal applicators – they are used for side feed as well as end feed terminals.

b. Pneumatic applicators – they are used for terminals with higher pitch. The feeding arrangement is pneumatic.

c. Spiral setting applicators – crimp height is adjusted with the help of spiral discs.

d. Large terminals applicators – these applicators are used for battery and for loose terminal crimping.


3. Motorized Pull Testers – motorized pull tester is used to do find out the joining strength between the terminal and the wire. Just like a digital crimping press, pull testers worked manually earlier. But motorized one are preferred because they are more reliable. A motorized pull tester has four categories – 0-50 kg, 0-100 kg, 0-200 kg, 0-500 kg. Then, there is option of speed also – 50 mm/min, 100mm/min, 150 mm/min, 200 mm/min. The machines are used according to the preferences.  The process of pull testing is important to make a perfect crimp.


4. Cross Section Analysis Lab – there is a lab where there are different devices to see if every process is going on fine and to see the smooth functioning of the machine. Some of these devices are –

a. Crimp cutting device – crimps of smaller size are cut with the help of a jeweler‘s saw whereas those of bigger sizes are cut with the help of a motorized cutting machine.

b. Crimp holding fixture – for the process of grinding, cutting etc. crimp is hold in a special crimp holding fixture. A computer is also fixed to check the progress.

c. Software for analysis – to measure specifications such as crimp width, crimp height, relief angle, crimping area, wire combination, strand count etc, there is a special software present.


At Regenato, we use innovative designs and latest technologies to you a crimping machine that is highly effective. We are the leading suppliers of crimping related equipments all over India and are very proud of this fact.


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