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Checking the Quality of Crimp with Different Components

When you look at the crimp, the first thing that you will notice is the size. As a layman, it will be the most obvious thing. There will be different thoughts that will come to your mind regarding that crimp. But none of them will be about the process that takes in the making of that crimp. The size of the crimp may be small but the process that is behind the manufacturing of the crimp is huge. It takes different components for the crimp to be manufactured. The whole process is done with the help of a crimping machine. Several components are required to complete this process. It requires help of crimping press, motorized pull testers, wire processing machines, applicators for the whole process to take place. Now, there is an analysis present too.

A cross section analysis lab is present in every unit where the process of crimping takes place. This lab is there to check if all the processes are taking place in proper manner. Now, a cross section analysis lab has three different important parts which facilitates the function of a crimp manufacturing. These are explained below –

1. Crimp Cutting Device – a crimp cutting device is used to cut the crimp for the desired size. If the size of the crimp is small, then the cutting is done with the help of a jeweller‘s saw. But if the size of the crimp is big, then a motorized cutting machine is used.

2. Crimp Holding Fixture – the process of grinding, cutting, positioning it properly is done with the help of a specially designed fixture known as crimp holding fixture. It also consists of a computer which is connected to the microscope.

3. Software for Analysis – there are different technical documents that has to be checked. There are things like crimping area, crimp width, crimp height, relief angle, wire combination, target strand count, area before and after crimping etc which needs to be maintained. And for this, a special software is provided. A number of things like voids, uniformity of bending etc. are also determined.


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