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Checking Each and Every Specifications in Analysis Lab

A manufacturing unit is place where all the complex processes take place in order to get the desired output. Machines are of vital importance to complete the manufacturing part. This is because the required work is not able to be completed with the help of human beings. Using machines is not a luxury but a necessity but it has a lot of advantages too. Not only time is saved but the overall productivity of the unit is also increased. The above mentioned facts are also true for a crimping machine.

A crimping machine is a device which changes the shape of a work piece by taking help of an external pressure or force. The whole process of creating a crimp requires different components that play different roles. One of the most important out of all is a cross section analysis lab. When a crimp is created, it undergoes different processes. The height that is before crimping and what is required to us after crimping is set before. Similarly, there is a difference in the area before and after crimping. All of these factors are set in a cross section analysis lab.

A cross section analysis lab is a complete lab with the help of which a user can analyze the crimp and decide upon the right crimp specification that are to be kept. There are three different sub components of a cross section analysis lab –

1. Crimp Cutting Device – a crimp cutting device is used to cut crimps of different size. If the size of the crimp is small, cutting is done with the help of a jeweler‘s saw whereas crimps of bigger size are cut by motorized cutting machine using a circular saw.

2. Crimp Holding Fixture – the whole process of cutting, grinding and positioning a crimp properly under the microscope is done with the help of a crimp cutting fixture. A special holding fixture is also provided.

3. Software for Analysis – to measure technical specifications such as crimp height, crimp width, crimp compression etc. there is a special software for analysis.

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