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Buy Highly Efficient Motorized Pull Testers

Since the beginning of our time, we have evolved a lot. The things that were done with our bare hands long ago are completed with machines now. These machines are burly and occupy a good amount of space. But we still prefer them as not only these machines save a lot of manpower but also they do a lot of work in very less amount of time. Overall, all of this helps in increasing the efficiency and productivity of the manufacturing unit. If we specifically speak about a crimping machine, then there are smaller components that play a vital role in its proper working. Be it crimping press or applicators, each and every part has to perform its required function because then only a crimping machine can perform to its fullest. One critical part in that regard is motorized pull tester.


The main role of a motorized pull tester is to find out the pull off value of a crimp. This value is essential to find out the joining strength between the terminal and the wire. This motorized pull tester has come a long way. Earlier, the pull testers we used were not motorized. The pulling was done manually. In this method, there were lots of jerks and even the pulling was not uniform, therefore, this method was discarded. Then a motor was added and manual testing took a back seat. This helped in increasing the reliability of the machine.


These pull testers have a calibrated sensor and there is a variable speed motor with the help of which pulling is done. The crimp that comes out is ideal which is symmetrical and there are no cracks in the terminal. The pull testers that are manufactured are in four different ranges – 0 – 50 kg, 0 – 100 kg, 0 – 200 kg, 0 – 500 kg etc. Two of the most common used models are – model sp 01/02 which has maximum pull force of 50/100 kg and it weighs 12.5 kgs. The other one is sp 03 model which has maximum pull force of 200 kgs and it weighs 35 kgs.

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