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Applicators and Motorized Pull Testers for Efficient Working

If we look at the crimp, then it looks like something that has been prepared very easily. But that is not the case with it. It is a complex process and requires use of many parts. The process of making a crimp is known as crimping. A crimp is created with the help of crimping machine. A crimping machine uses force and pressure to create an ideal crimp. This is done with the help of pressurizing or squeezing the object. The shape of the two joining objects is changed while creating a crimp. The perfect examples of an ideal crimp can be seen in cold drink bottles. The cap that is fitted in top is because of the process of crimping only. Now, there are various different components of a crimping machine which help in creating an ideal crimp. Two of those parts are Applicators and Motorized Pull Testers.

1. Applicators – Along with digital crimping press, they are considered as the most important parts of a crimping press. An applicator is considered as the heart of a crimping press. The main job of an applicator is to fold and press the conductor wires into the terminal wing. There is another job of an applicator. They are also used in feeding of the terminal. The main aim of using an applicator is to get the desired height of the crimp. This is why they vary in their mechanical setting. There are different types of applicators that are available in the market –

a. Normal Applicators – these are the most basic type of applicators. They have micro arrangement by the screw. They are best suited for end feed and side feed terminals. They are friendly, simple in operation and economical.

b. Pneumatic Applicators – for higher pitch of terminals, pneumatic applicators are the best. When compared to mechanical applicators, they are more accurate.

c. Spiral Setting Applicators – in these applicators, the adjustment of height is done with the help of machined spiral discs. They are advanced with good repeatability.

d. Large Terminal Applicators – they are used for large presses and where there is loose terminal crimping. They are mostly suited in battery and some other types of applicators.


2. Motorized Pull Testers the main work of the motorized pull tester is to find out the joining strength between the terminal and the wire. In the standard UL468 the value of the minimum pull strength is given. In earlier times, the pull testing was done manually but the result was not reliable and jerks were there. Therefore new methods were developed and this testing was done manually. This practice has become more popular and the results are more reliable now. The pulling is done with the help of variable speed motor. There are four different options of speed – 50 mm / min, 100 mm / min, 150 mm / min, 200 mm / mm. There are four different types of categories too – 0 – 50 kgs, 0 – 100 kgs, 0 – 200 kgs, 0 – 500 kgs.

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