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Analysis of Crimp with All the Equipments

We are so busy in our lives that we don‘t notice what is going around our lives. We have become so engrossed in our lifestyle that we don‘t have a minute‘s time to see and adore the beauty of other things. If we stop for a second, we will see that there are machines all around us and will be amazed by the potential that they possess. The things that were unimaginable earlier are now completed in a short span. Some of the developments that are taking place right now are possible because of these bulky machines only. If we talk about a crimping machine, then there are different parts such as applicators, digital crimping press etc. which perform the major function of creating a good crimp. But there is a lab present too which is an essential part of a crimping machine.


When it comes to a crimping machine, then applicators and crimping press are considered as the main parts. But there is a need of a cross section analysis lab to make an ideal crimp, and for that, all the specifications should be ideal. There are different components in this lab. The components are described below –


1. Crimp Cutting Device – the functioning of cutting a crimp depends on the size of the crimp. If the crimp is smaller in size, then we take the use of a Jeweler‘s saw. But if the size of the crimp is big, then it is cut with the help of a motorized cutting machine.


2. Crimp Holding Fixture – the function of cutting and grinding is done when it is properly positioned under the microscope. The crimp holding fixture that is provided is kept horizontal to the microscope.


3. Software for Analysis – to measure specifications such as wire gauge, application number, wire combination, crimping area, actual and target crimp height, target crimp width, area before crimping and area before crimping etc. we have a special software with us that is provided with the equipment.


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